Code Refinery’s Software Development Life Cycle puts a great deal of emphasis on the management of your project. Our organized process progresses through well-defined phases: Concept, Design, Build/Test, and Launch.



The concept phase allows us to evaluate your immediate needs as well as your long-term objectives. Our engineers place great emphasis on clearly understanding your project goals in order to make sure we deliver a solution, not just a set of capabilities. In fact, before we write a single line of code, we analyze and understand the entire problem, taking into consideration all factors that may influence the potential solution.



Code Refinery recognizes that careful planning in this phase avoids costly modifications during development. During the design phase, our engineers create a blueprint for your software that meets all user, technical, and regulatory requirements. We work with you to define the user interface and the dataflow.



We build software under a process that ensures a well thought-out design will not get lost in implementation. Furthermore, our clients count on our rigorous testing of their software applications for verification of safe and dependable real-world operation. During verification testing, activities such as unit, integration, structure, and functional testing are executed and documented. Traceability matrices map each requirement to testing activities. During validation testing, Code Refinery can assist clients in documenting how the software, instrumentation, and ancillary systems will be tested in their intended user environment.



Because Code Refinery delivers custom software with a full set of documentation that can be submitted to the FDA for market clearance, you can rest easy and concentrate on the details of your product launch.